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Transport Maritime, Air and Multimodal:  


Through first shipping and air lines, we prepare your goods shipments, manage its reserves, combined transport modalities, we provide tracking their journey, prepare the relevant documentation, and receive your merchandise within established control processes in order to make them available to interested parties.


Cargo Consolidation and Deconsolidation:


 We grouped goods for the preparation of a single office, handle your goods with low weight and volume to decrease transportation costs, as well desagrupamos goods upon arrival to their transshipment port or final destination.


International Cargo Security :


We service insurance Goods, Door to Door (Door to Door), all risk (All Risk), and covering 110% of Cost and Freight (CFR) value so that this covered under any claim that you can present to your load.


Customs Agents:


 Through our company Customs Services SSL, we CA represent them before the Main Customs of Venezuela, in order to manage customs declarations, documents Confronting import or export your goods, and ensure the offices of the same within shortest possible time.


Purchase Order Control and Expenses:


 We checked in and we follow up with their suppliers worldwide each and every one of his orders to you, keep them informed of their production processes through our extensive network of agents providing greater control to manage their loads and can precede your request before any of the aforementioned service you need.


Shipping Company & Freight Forwarders Miami FL

We provides a full range of global logistics services will take care of all of your needs.

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